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About PedalStars 2.0

Empowering the startup enthusiasts through community driven experience learning.


Have hands-on experience working within a startup and have exponential learning of the ecosystem. The exposure will be a roller coaster ride where you will enhance your problem-solving skills while doing the day-to-day operations with access to experimentation.


The groundwork will give an experience around various verticals that will enhance one’s abilities to work as a core team member in a venture. The practical approach along with experiential learning from the mentors will be the icing on the cake.


Polish your intensive learnings and experiences open access to execution. A chance to ideate, monitor, monetize, and multiple practices that will upscale a startup and your skills as well.

How to Join?

A 5-step process


Join the wishlist by filling up the form.

Video Submission

Capture yourself while sharing your inclination towards the startup ecosystem.


The first round of one-on-one interaction with the PS team.

EQ/IQ Analysis

A screening test to analyze a candidate’s IQ.

Final Interview

A screened candidates will be called upon for the final round of interview with PS founders.

What you will get?

Hustling culture

 Be part of the 0-1 journey and experience the hustling startup culture.

Skills Enhancement

Learn the Hard and Soft skills necessary to be part of growing startups.


Connect with 100s of founders and investors to leverage the platform.


Get assured for your careers and be part of a growing startup from the PedalStart portfolio.

Startup Exposure

 Opportunity to connect with successful founders and domain experts and learn from their experiences.

Peer Growth

Timely feedback on the execution and brainstorming with your peers on the shortcomings to stand out and grow exponentially.

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Startup Founders' Community Platform

We are a founders’ community and accelerators, for a early-stage startups, we are enabling them with – practical experiences and execution, and funds from the people of startup ecosystem, like – Ex-entrepreneurs, Successful Founders and Angel Investors.

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PedalStars is a 4 to 5 months cohort for the startups enthusiasts who want to be the potential core team member in the budding startups.

This program would start from 8th January, 2024.

It’s completely the offline program, where person needs to present offline throughout the cohort journey.

Ones who have tried their own startup before or have enthusiasts to be the problem solvers and can be the future innovator.

The program has no upfront fee, but we will charge on the outcome.

Yes, we are providing 15,000 as a monthly stipend to each of the fellows and on top of it we are incur all the food, travel expenses within this cohort duration.

Yes, it’s completely selection based. Usually our selection rate would be around 3%.

PedalStart team will place all the fellows into its portfolio startups or PedalStart only, depending upon the performance.

Still have doubts, reach out to the team at

PedalStars 2.0

Empowering the startup enthusiasts through community driven experience learning.

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